Metal Cord Stopper

Let These Stylish Accessories Add a Unique Touch To Your Brand.

Creating Your Own Cord Stopper Has Never Been Easier

Looking for cord stopper for your professional product or handmade item? feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options and elements to consider? MS Metalware strives to make it as easy, quick, and fun as possible to create the very best in custom metal cord end stoppers, see every step of the process.

Why Choose Mingsheng Metalware?

Place your order & receive your labels in 7 to 14 days.

Our experts review all designs. And help you if needed.

Crafted to perfection for your utmost satisfaction.

You can just order 500cs for low minimum quantities

Receive Photo Proof and request adjustments until perfect.

Full refund if you’re not satisfied with your cord stopper

Customer Projects

Creating Custom Cord Stopper Is Easy With Mingsheng Metalware

Step 1: Create your custom cord stopper design

At mingsheng metalware, we can design a 3D effect drawing for you based on the sketch or design drawing you provide. You can provide sketches in various formats, including but not limited to jpg, png, psd, ai, step, Igs, etc. If you’v no idea, please check our cord stopper gallery.

Step 2: Start samples production

We will start to produce some samples for approval before bulk production, but if the order quantity is less than 1000, we recommend making large quantities directly, because the cost of making samples for small orders will be higher. If you insist on confirming the samples first, we will charge additional sample fees.

Step 2: Start samples production

Once samples are confirmed, we start bulk production, we will send you photo of cord stopper from bulk production when package is ready before shipping out.

Starting to make your cord stopper

Get started with custom cord stopper
whether used in sweatshirts, down jackets, bag, shoe, swimwear or sporting equipment

Frequently Asked Questions About Cord Stopper

What Is The Meaning Of Cord Lock?

A metal cord stopper is a small, typically metal device used to secure and adjust the length of a cord or drawstring in various applications. You can also call them cord lock or cord toggle, They are often used in conjunction with drawstrings on hoods, bags, jackets, and other items, allowing users to adjust the tightness or length of the cord to their preference.

Types Of Cord Stopper

From a functional point of view, it can be divided into two types: spring cord stopper and cord end. Simply put, one has a spring and the other does not have a spring. In terms of use, it can be divided into cord stopper for clothing, cord ends for jewelry making, cord locks for shoelaces, you can view more designs through gallery.

What is the use of cord lock?

Metal cord stoppers are versatile accessories used in a wide range of applications and products to secure and adjust cords or drawstrings. These practical devices find common usage in:

Hoodies and SweatshirtsUsed in hoods to adjust hood tightness around the face.
Jackets and OuterwearFound on drawstrings of jackets, parkas, and raincoats for fit control around the waist or hood.
Bags and BackpacksEmployed in backpacks, duffel bags, and tote bags to close openings or adjust shoulder strap length.
Pants and ShortsFeatured in athletic or casual pants and shorts, allowing for adjustable sizing at the waist.
FootwearUtilized in certain types of footwear like hiking boots to secure laces and prevent them from coming undone.
Camping and Outdoor GearUsed in camping equipment, including tents and sleeping bags, for tightening or securing cords and straps.
SwimwearSome swim trunks or board shorts may incorporate drawstring stoppers to facilitate waist adjustment.
Home and DIY ProjectsUseful in homemade crafts, curtains, and DIY projects to secure or tighten cords or strings.
Medical GarmentsFound in medical garments or scrubs for enhanced comfort and fit adjustments.
Sporting EquipmentIncluded in certain sports equipment like athletic shorts or bags, offering customization and comfort to users.

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