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What Are Metal Labels

Metal labels are small metalic pieces with brand logo or name. You can see them everywhere in our life, like bag, clothing, shoe and furniture. The common material to make they are steel, aluminum, zinc alloy and brass. It is different when choosing material, for bag, shoe and clothing, the material is zinc alloy. For Furniture, zinc alloy or aluminum are best. They can be customized into different shapes and sizes by making a mold for produciton. And once the mold is finished, it is not easy to change, but have to remake new mold if you need change logo or brand name.

Types Of Metal Labels

metal label for clothing

Metal Labels For Clothing

There are some different names for labels for clothing, you can also call them metal logo for clothing, metal logo label, metal tags for clothing, they are same meaning. As you know, these metal labels often feature the brand’s logo, name, or other branding elements and can provide important information about the garment. The common way to attach metal labels on clothing is sewing,

metal label for bag

Metal labels For Bag

More than 60% of the bags, including handbag, tote bag, backpack, luggage are using metal labels to show their brand. They become a essential element for brand loyalty and consumer trust. Compared with clothing label, you can find common installation methods are rivet and prong, these are more stronger. You can know more in the article of custom metal labels for bags

metal label for furniture

Metal Labels For Furniture

For some furniture brands that focus on quality, adding a stunning metal labels with engraved logo or embossed logo is a good choice. They are not just a decorative element, but also a good way to show their brand to customer. Usually, the brand name and logo are engraved on metal label. And the common method of installation is rivet or using screw.

metal label for bottle

Metal Labels For Bottle

The metal labels for bottle is much different from other metal labels, it is very light and they are attached on bottle with double-sided adhesive. That is why we calso call them metal label sticker or bottle nameplate. They are a very thin sheet of metal made of nickle or aluminum. But for some premium wine brands, you can also find thicker metal sticker.

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