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Mingsheng Metalware produces high-quality hardware for handbags, belts, purses, accessories, luggage, and leather goods made from low-lead brass, zinc, and other metals. You can purchase directly from our stock, or can use our custom manufacture service in any style, shape, or size.

Nearly all of our hardware is manufactured at our privately owned and controlled factory in China where we are capable of handling large scale production for international brands, as well as lesser quantities for small boutiques. We can work with technical specifications, drawings, models or existing/revised pieces to develop your product.

Custom Sevice Process

About manufacturing

Factory: Most items are manufactured in our own factory in China.
Materials: MSMETALWARE manufactures in low-lead Brass, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Iron, and other metals.
Minimums: Typically 1000+ pcs per item, but will vary based on design.
Methods of Manufacturing: Sand casting, die casting, forging, loss wax, CNC, wire forming, lathe, stamping, and more.
Prices: Prices, minimums and mold fees will be quoted.
Production lead-time: Standard lead-time for production is 1-2 weeks.
Shipping: If you require your order to be shipped via air or direct to an alternate location, you will be quoted separately. International Advisory Service can drop ship worldwide.

The Steps of Customization

1. Drawings, samples, CAD files, or technical specifications will need to be available to start the development process.
2. These specs are sent to our development team for review and advisement on construction methods, price, minimum requirement, and any mold fees. At this point we can provide an initial quote.
3. Our factory will provide a 3D sketch with measurements that we use to print a plastic sample for customers approval. It takes 1-2 days to print the plastic.
4. After plastic sample approval, we will begin the metal sampling process, which takes about 2-4 weeks to deliver.
5. When the metal sample is approved, production begins.
6. Production takes approximately 6-8 weeks and then the items are ready to be shipped worldwide.

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Our 10+ years of experience gives us the ability to advise on construction methods, provide alternative design ideas, and utilize a wealth of manufacturing knowledge to develop your hardware.

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