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Type Of Metal Buttons For Clothing

Buttons are commonly used in anywhere in our life, you can see them on jacket, jeans, blazer, pants, coat. Part of them are made of metal, like iron, aluminum, brass, zinc alloy. There are usually three types of common buttons, they are sewing button, snap button and jeans button.

sewing button

Sewing Button

Sewing button is a small, typically round or other shape utilized in clothing construction and repair. People sew these buttons onto garments, using them for both practical and decorative reasons. In a functional capacity, they secure or seal openings in clothing like shirts, blouses, jackets, and pants. In a decorative role, buttons enhance the overall design of a garment, adding aesthetic appeal.

snap button

Snap button

A snap button, often simply called a “snap,” is a button used in clothing and various other applications. It consists of two separate components, typically made of metal or plastic, that interlock when pressed together and separate when pulled apart. One component has a protruding knob or stud, while the other has a corresponding socket or hole. Snaps are commonly used on clothing items like jackets, shirts, and pants to provide a quick and secure closure. They are also used in other products, such as bags, wallets, and crafts, as a convenient way to fasten and unfasten items.

jeans button

Jeans Button

also known as a “denim button,” is a specialized type of button designed for fastening and securing denim pants, commonly known as jeans. Jeans buttons are typically made of metal and feature a distinctive design. They consist of a button with a flat or slightly concave top surface and a shank on the back. The shank is used to attach the button to the waistband of the jeans. Jeans buttons are essential components in denim pants, and they provide a durable and secure closure at the waist.

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