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Metal Collar stays aren’t just accessories; they’re the unsung heroes of a sharp, professional look. These small, but essential, tools ensure your collar stays crisp, your style polished, and your brand’s image at its best.

Elevate your appearance and keep your brand in the limelight by utilizing collar stays. These tiny, yet powerful, implements actively preserve the integrity of your shirt collar. Whether you’re at a corporate meeting, a high-stakes presentation, or a networking event, a well-groomed appearance can make a lasting impression.

With collar stays, you take control of your style, ensuring that your collar points stay firmly in place. No more unsightly curling or drooping collars. Your shirt remains immaculate, reflecting your professionalism and attention to detail.

Custom Collar Stay Service

Place your order & receive your collar stays in 7 to 14 days.

Our experts review all designs. And help you if needed.

Crafted to perfection for your utmost satisfaction.

You can just order 500cs for low minimum quantities

Receive Photo Proof and request adjustments until perfect.

Different materials available, alloy, stainless steel, brass

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Keep your style sharp and your brand in the spotlight

Make An Impression With Metal Collar Stay

What is collar stay

Collar stays, also known as collar stiffeners or collar bones, are small, flat, rigid pieces typically made of plastic, metal, or other stiff materials. They are inserted into the specially designed pockets on the underside of a dress shirt’s collar to help keep the collar points in place and maintain a crisp, professional look. Collar stays are particularly useful in preventing the collar from curling or flopping down. They come in various lengths and materials to suit different types of shirts and personal preferences.

How to use collar stay

How to use collar stay
Prepare Your Shirt: Start with a clean and freshly laundered dress shirt. If the collar is wrinkled or misshapen, you can use an iron to press it flat. Set the iron to the appropriate heat level for your shirt’s fabric.
Locate the Collar Stay Pockets: These pockets are typically found on the collar’s tips. If your shirt has them, they will often be reinforced with stitching.
Insert the Collar Stays: Place one collar stay in each pocket, sliding them down to the tip of the collar. Ensure that they are centered and aligned properly.
Adjust for Collar Type: Adjust the collar stays to suit the type of collar you have. For a pointed collar, the collar stays should align with the collar’s edge, while for a spread collar, you may want the stays to be slightly wider apart. The goal is to keep the collar points in the desired position.
Smooth the Collar: After inserting the collar stays, smooth the collar with your hands to make sure it’s flat and properly positioned.

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