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Swivel snap hook, also known as snap hook, spring snap hook or trigger snap hook. It is a type of fastening device commonly used in various applications, such as in garment, bag, sport, climbing, pets accessories. It has a shape similar to a hook or a carabiner. Snap hooks are designed with a hinged gate mechanism that allows them to open and close, making them useful for quickly attaching and detaching items. In terms of usage, it is somewhat similar to slider buckle and metal buckle, both of which are often found in bags, dog leash.

The common material for snap hook is zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum and solid brass. The choice of material depends on factors such as the snap hook’s intended use, load-bearing capacity. For outdoor activity, it is better to choose stainless steel and aluminum. And for bag & apparel, zinc alloy is the best

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Types Of Snap Hook

TypeDescriptionCommon Applications
Swivel Snap HookFeatures a 360-degree swivel mechanism.Pet leashes, marine equipment.
Bolt Snap HookSecures items with a bolt or latch mechanism.Diving, marine, industrial use.
Trigger Snap HookHas a hinged gate opened by a trigger.Keychains, lanyards, fashion accessories.
Carabiner Snap HookD-shaped or oval with a hinged gate.Rock climbing, camping, outdoor activities.
Double-End Snap HookFeatures two attachment points.Multiple item connection, adjustable setups.

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