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For Garment, Bag, Jewelry, Shoe, Furniture And Package

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A small component used to secure the ends of cordsdrawstrings, or straps. ln some cases, cord ends mayserve a decorative purpose

A small sliders typically made of metal, such asstainless steel, brass, or zinc alloy, that is used as afunctional or decorative element.

metal button

Explore our exquisite designs and qualitycraftsmanship. Elevate your fashion projects with ourpremium buttons.

metal buckle

Premium Metal Buckles for Garments, Bags, Shoes,and More. Discover Exceptional Craftsmanship andDesign.

zipper puller

Elevate Your Fashion and Accessories with MetalZipper Pullers. Explore Our Wide Selection forGarments, Bags, and Shoes

metal eyelet

Eyelets are commonly used for attaching laces, cordsor straps to items like shoes, clothing, bags, banners

bag label

Let your brand stand out with custom labels for bagsand clothing

snap hook

Often used for securing straps, keychains, and otheritems, offering convenience and versatility in designand functionality.

collar stay

Say goodbye to floppy collars and hello tosophistication. Keep Your Collar Crisp and Sharp!

Mingsheng Metalware- Clothing & Bag Accessories Manufacturer

Mingsheng Metalware is the premir manufacturer specializing in exquisite high-end accessories for the garment, bag, jewelry, shoe, furniture and bottleinoustres. We help brands design, develop and mplement custom clothing & ba accessories into ther production line. We serve both the large scale globabrands as well as the small manufacturers and utilize several manufacturing processes to meet quality expectations.

By owning our factory we keep all production in-house, controlling the process from beinning to end, from the desian process to ful scale production. Forover 10 vears the top names in the industry have trusted Mingsheng Metalware for their hardware needs.

Why Choose Mingsheng Metalware

More Than 22 years


More Than 10k


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mingsheng metalware

Design Drawing

Our design team has partnered with companies inthe bag and clothing industry for decadesproviding our customers with experience-basedservice for the design and creation of customaccessories to fit their production line.

Mingsheng Metalware

Fully Controlled Production

We own our manufacturing facility so that we cankeep most production in-house. From the designprocess to full scale production, our customersdepend on a high level of quality from us both inour service and finished products.

Volume Manufacturing

Volume large or small, we can handle it all. Whetheryou need to source clothing accessories or bagaccessories, we will work with you to customize andintegrate a design that works for your product.

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