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What Is Buckle

As you know a buckle is a fastening device typically made of metal or plastic that is used to securely join the ends of a strap or belt. It consists of a frame, a pin, and sometimes a tongue. When you insert the pin into one of the holes on the strap and push it through the frame, it creates a secure closure, holding the strap or belt in place. They are widely used in different industries in our life, like shoe buckle, watch buckle, bag buckle, strap buckle.

The Buckle Type

There are various kinds of buckles, including:

  1. Roller Buckle: This kind of buckle has a small roller in the frame, allowing for smoother tightening and loosening of the strap or belt.
  2. Pin Buckle: We also call them prong buckle, pin buckles are common on belts. They have a metal pin that goes through holes in the strap to secure it in place.
  3. Clip Buckle: Clip buckles have a clasp that you can snap shut, similar to a seatbelt buckle. They are often used in backpacks and bags.
  4. Side-Release Buckle: These are commonly found on backpacks and some styles of belts. They have a side-release button that you press to open the buckle.
  5. Center Bar Buckle: It also has another name which is called slider buckle, this of buckle has a bar in the center, and the strap is threaded through the bar before securing it.

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